Decorating Rules

Rule 11-A

No flower receptacles, vases or urns may be placed on any lot unless they are of approved size and design and are set wholly beneath the level of the lawn. Such receptacles may be purchased from and placed by the Association. The Association shall have the authority to remove all floral designs, flowers, weeds, trees, shrubs, plants, or herbage of any kind from the cemetery as soon as, in the judgment of the Association, they become unsightly, dangerous, detrimental or diseased, or when they do not conform to the standards maintained. The Association shall not be liable for floral pieces, baskets or frames in which or to which such floral pieces are attached. The Association shall not be liable for lost, misplaced or broken flower vases. The Association shall not be responsible for plants, herbage or plantings of any kind damaged by the elements, thieves, vandals, or by other causes beyond its control. The Association reserves the right to regulate the method of decoration for lots so that a uniform beauty may be maintained. The Association reserves the right to prevent the removal of any flowers, floral designs, trees, shrubs or plants, or herbage of any kind.


Rule 11-B

Floral frames or baskets when removed from the lot site, unless called for within five days by those lawfully entitled to them, may be disposed of by the Association in any manner it sees fit.


Rule 11-C

The placing of benches, boxes, shells, toys, metal designs, ornaments, chairs, settees, vases, glass, eternal, vigil or solar lights, wood or iron cases, and similar articles upon lots shall not be permitted, and if so placed, the Association may remove the same.


Rule 11-D

Flowers are permitted at any or all times, and will be removed as they become unsightly. Winter decorations and wreaths are permitted beginning November 15th and will be removed as they become unsightly or in any event all decorations and wreaths will be removed March 1st.  All decorations, designs and potted plants will be removed August 1st of each year from the mowing or trimming path. Glass containers, decorative stones, hooks and fencing are not permitted.  Trees, shrubs and flowers may only be planted on large family lots around a central memorial only by approval of the Association and under the direction of the Association.  All Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veteran’s Day decorations in the mowing or trimming path will be removed 7 days after each holiday.